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This page is always under construction. To a certain extent, this page is a Feature Matrix of Helpful Feature Matrices. This is also a strictly filtered catalog of those. It is continuously updated with collected web pages and sites containing more feature matrices of different useful (sub)systems.

I have chosen "helpful" in the title instead of "useful" because they helped me or some of my counterparts to evaluate features early and make informed choice about using all these thing in our day-to-day activity. Also, I had some research about "useful (adj) vs helpful (adj)".

Needless to say, reader's suggestions concerning this page are welcome in the comments section below. What can be suggested?

  • New items for this collection;
  • Organization of this collection;
  • Feature for future Feature Matrix component;
  • Anything you feel will be helpful here.

  • Continuous integration systems feature matrix
Web page

I am not sure, but I remember updating some information there in a pair of cells. Anyway, it is community-driven, so anyone connected to CruiseControl projects can update it if one sees that something is wrong. It is just a single page in a wiki system of CC projects based on Atlassian Confluence, so its markup language is used to fill the information up. Now these projects seem to be moved somewhere else, I did not research it carefully. But the page still seem to be alive and contains helpful pieces. Though, I'd recommend, checking the information placed there instead of taking it in all good faith.

OK, Confulence. It is a wiki engine, so we need to choose features of our wiki. Here they are. 
  • Wiki engines feature matrix
Web page
It is a full-fledged engine for feature matrixing, but it seem not to be publicly accessible for usage and customization. So my idea about creating open-source project of feature matrix component is still actual.
Anyway, this site is based on a wiki engine called DokuWiki (see About page), which is listed in the options to compare. So this is to a certain extent "self-usable" matrix.
  • Game engines feature matrix on GitHub
It might help you in choosing an engine your wonderful games.
It is a community-supported table of short yes/no/soon notes about a dozen of primary features like 2D/3D or Canvas. There is the history of changes which shows that it rarely changes. Also, more comparison pages can be found on the home page of this github bebraw project, but many of them are not represented in table form. Nevertheless, the Game Engine list is continued there with a sectioned list where such sections as Lightweight, Commencial and Obsolete can be found.
  • List of Game Engines in Wikipedia
Still under research, but somewhat helps in choosing an engine for game development. Location in Wikipedia is a plus since it is more exposed more understandable for all communities. Anyway, it looks like different engines listed in WikiPedia and in bebraw@github.
  • CMS feature matrix
It looks pretty much like like the one for Wiki Engines. Similarly to it, you should choose several particular engines of Content Management Systems. This way you can find a long-awaited solution to the everlasting Drupal vs Joomla holy war, let alone WordPress. It is also possible to monitor the activity of the persons who responsible for PR of their CMS. According to its FAQ, it is based on WEBGui content management system, so it is as "self-applicable" as WikiMatrix. But does it meant that I should search an initial implementation of my Feature Matrix component exactly in this CMS engine?
  • be continued soon...

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